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About Us

Hi there! We are a mother/daughter duo making the world a cleaner place, one bath at a time! Soapwrecked is brought to you by two very similar yet very different ladies.

 I am the chemist behind our operation. I am a 46-year-old mom of one daughter and two pit bull babies. I enjoy concocting new scents and a variety of bath products. I got started making soaps when I found out I had an allergy to the detergents and chemicals in manufactured soaps. I wanted to create an alternative not only myself, but also others like me, that want away from the parabens and phthalates in soaps from big companies. My allergies really limited what products I could use without an adverse reaction. Who knew all the allergies I’ve developed would lead not only a major life style change, but a fun and amazing hobby. Well, except for chocolate. I still hate being allergic to that!


I am the CEO and social media manager for our company. I am a 26-year-old life enthusiast, and mother to a five-year old Boxer that is my pride and joy. I enjoy making the same products as my mother, but I tend to lean more towards bright, citrus scents as opposed to mom’s girly scents. Mom introduced me to soapmaking and I never looked back! I love knowing where everything I use comes from – food, especially – so being able to monitor what goes into what I use is important to me. We keep our products as simple and natural as we can. I’m currently working my way down my “bucket list” and I started with a skydiving trip for my birthday in May of this year.